This is just a little something about myself.

My name is Robert Bymers and I am 19 years old. I am always thinking of ways to widen my horizon of hobbies while also making a few bucks. In 6th grade my dad and I would take a bag, a pole to wack weeds, and dive into the out of bounds areas of our local golf course. I not only had an endless supply of golf balls to golf with, but I also sold titleist prov1's for $1/ball. I remembered having a personal record of picking up 336 golf balls in no more than two hours of searching. My next venture was parting out a 1999 BMW 540i with my dad. This would eventually lead to many other bmw oriented projects. I am very fortunate to have been brought up by amazing, loving parents who never failed at shedding light to many fun and interesting hobbies. My dad always says, "everyone needs a hobby." I learned through all of this that whatever I end up doing in my life to make ends meet, I will not only have fun, but I will excel if I truly enjoy what I am doing.

I have always been fascinated by how things work. My dad knew this and exposed me to many things revolving around this concept. He has been a recreational pilot since his 20's and has flown a 1962 M20C Mooney for 30 years. He introduced me at an early age to remote control airplanes. This taught me the basics and fundamentals of flight which I applied to my actually flight training in the recent years. 

My old man, Gary Bymers, likes to collect anything old and cool. He bought a couple antique outboards at the jefferson car show here in Wisconsin and a couple others at an antique mall. They were laying around in our airplane hangar and to be honest I did not see them at the time to be very cool pieces of american history. I just thought they were in the way of my rc airplane hobby. I was cleaning out the hangar after a summer surge of accumulating many cool things and actually listed all of the motors on craigslist. About two months later when I realized they weren't selling, on a warm summer sunday when I wasn't playing basketball, flying rc airplanes or detailing cars (my other way of putting myself through school), I decided to clean up the old gems. My aim was to just get them looking good. They all looked good after they were "restored" but I wanted to hone my skills and that is how this obsession started. I soon realized I could also make enough money to put myself through school as an entrepreneurship major at UW-Whitewater's business school.