• 1947 Neptune AA1: SOLD 1/15/2016


    Restored 1947 Neptune boat motor. 

    Every part of the motor was taken apart cleaned and either painted or polished. New lock washers were used when possible and even the spark plug is polished! The fly wheel is painted gloss black and the tank is sunrise red. This looks very classy. It has an upgraded decal that really ties in all of the brass components of the motor as well as a new yellow and black magneto spark plug wire. 

    It turns over and has compression but it has a crack in the cylinder head so it was restored to be a beautiful display piece. The crack is hidden under the gas tank so you cannot see it unless you look hard. It can run if you just get another cylinder head for it, however, it should be used as more of a piece of historical display. This would be great in a man-cave as it is such a nice conversation piece. 

    Look at the pictures, they tell you more than what i can say in words. Being that this is almost 70 years old, it is in impeccable condition.